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Why L.Y.L.E. Wellness?

Posted On July 17, 2020

I am updating the name of my office from Lyle Chiropractic to Lyle Wellness because one of my main goals and passions in life if to discover true health and well being for myself, our community and our society. Over my last 16 years of experience practicing chiropractic as a doctor and my past 44 years as a chiropractic patient I have seen that stress is one of the biggest causes of many physical problems, disorders and symptoms. And if stress isn’t the main cause of the problem it is certainly one of the most detrimental inhibiting factors to the healing process and liberating your life essence.

L.Y.L.E. is an acronym for Liberate Your Life Essence, which means to liberate your special and unique gifts, your healing nature, and your inner artist. In order for us to really shine and allow our healing nature to work at peak capacity we can’t be all stressed out. If the smoke alarm is going off in your space you will stop what you are doing and check on the alarm. In the same way, if the body’s internal alarm is going off (stress aka an overactive nervous system), it will have to put it’s attention on the alarm and away from healing and repairing.

This is why I am offering more relaxation/stress-relief type services like one-on-one relaxation sessions, healing sessions and group classes. To help you awaken your inner healer and learn how to be empowered around your health, regardless if you have symptoms or not. One of my goals is to help you take a more health-based approach to your healthcare, as opposed to the symptom-based approach we have all been trained in.

If you really want to be healthy it has to start with you. You have to have a willingness to make change. I suggest many small changes, rather than making large drastic changes that are hard to maintain. Often making these changes is challenging weather big or small because we have been so ingrained with our idea of health from a young age. So having quality, reliable compassionate help is really great. A support system for making changes makes all the difference.

That’s why we offer 4 Keys to Health: Trainer, training, community, and practice (4 Keys from 4 Mainstays of Balanced View and Candice O’Denver, balancedview.org.)

#1 Trainer – Having one-on-one support, coaching and advise, make all the difference in the world when implementing a change in your life. Especially one as important as your health. A priority worth investing in!

#2 Training – Most of our poor habits around our health take some time to change. Having proper guidance and practices about how to make the change really sets you on the path to health and well being that is abiding and sustainable.

#3 Community – A support system of individuals like yourself who are looking to make health and well being a priority is an excellent way to set yourself up for success. We offer a monthly group relaxation class where we can all join together and get support.

#4 Practice – The fourth key to health is to have a daily practice that supports your health goals. These a simple little things you do throughout your day to liberate your life essence and maintain balance.

As one my teacher used to say, “The Four Keys” are like the four legs to a chair. When sitting on a chair with four legs then sitting on the chair is effortless, much like using all four keys to your health. When applying all four keys to health in your life, then health is effortless, regardless of symptoms. If you take one leg out from a chair you can still sit in it, but it now requires effort. Take two away and it is much more difficult. In the same way, if you omit a key to your health you will find it more difficult and with effort involved.

This is why Lyle Wellness is the new name, because wellness includes, not only chiropractic, but also mental and emotional well being, community, and tender loving care for ourselves on a regular basis, health as a lifestyle. It’s my wish that we all be our own best healer, parent and support system for ourselves first and foremost. If we haven’t learned to love and help ourselves, it’s hard to help others. By empowering ourselves to be healthy and support ourselves we are in a position to really help others and create change in this world for the benefit of all.

In good health, Dr. Lyle

Written by Lyle Pipher

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