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Inner Artist

Welcome to the “Inner Artist” page.  Part of practicing true healthcare includes treating symptoms and pain, and also supporting and nourishing yourself as part of your daily practice.  Many people suffer from an overactive and overstimulated nervous system, aka they’re stressed.  Getting your artistic side out is a great way to soothe an overactive nervous system and give your body the energy it needs to heal.

The pictures you see here are from a coloring book called “Brilliant Beasts” by Millie Marotta (https://milliemarotta.co.uk/category/books/).  I used Prismacolor colored pencils (https://www.prismacolor.com/).  When businesses were forced to close because of the pandemic I knew I was going to have a lot of extra time on my hands.  I wanted to have something to do that was supportive, relaxing and fun and these coloring books were great for that. Many of the pictures I drew in a background.  I titled them just for fun.  🙂

What ways can you let your inner artist out today?  Are you musical?  Crafty?  Like to build things with wood or metal?  How can you take your power back around your health and  support yourself through getting your inner artist out today? 

More colorings coming soon!


“Connected . . .

Always in All Ways”


“Cosmic Giant Giraffes (Sacred Partners)”



“Friendly Boundaries”


“I See You”


“My Shine Is My Protection”


“Peace Portal”


“Sacred Friendship”


“Cosmic Rainbow Serpent”


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