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Liberate Your Life Essence, L.Y.L.E.


I grew up in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. I have always loved being outside and enjoying nature in whatever way I can. Hiking, biking, skiing, and playing with my dog have always been a part of my life. These activities and life, in general, produce their fair share of bumps and bruises. During much of my youth and in my 20’s I also worked doing a lot of construction and carpentry, so it was obvious to me when things are out of alignment and unbalanced they just don’t work right. If the foundation of a house is unlevel it’s going to affect the roof, so when I went to the chiropractor and they talked about the spine being out of alignment causing a loss of function in the body it made perfect sense. I loved the simplicity and natural form of healthcare that chiropractic provided me. Growing up I also had my far share of stress, dramas and traumas that left a lasting impression and was surprised to see how much chiropractic helped with the mental and emotional aspects of health as well.               
I went to Kutztown University in Kutztown Pennsylvania where I received my bachelor’s degree in Organismal Biology. After college, I went to chiropractic school and graduated from Logan College of chiropractic in 2004. I also got another bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences while there. I have practiced chiropractic in a number of different states over the years working for other people and situations before settling here in Colorado in 2011. In 2017 I started my own practice here in Arvada, CO and it’s the first time being self-employed totally on my own. I have always wanted to be in a town and community that I felt I was a part of. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at what an amazing town and community this is. Helping others has always been important to me, as I believe we all need to do our part not only to enrich ourselves but help those in our community as well. If we really want to see change on a global level it has to begin with each one of us as individuals. It all starts with ourselves, which is why I have emphasized self-care as the main focus of my practice.  Change happens at the grassroots. So first learning how to love and honor ourselves is paramount before we can truly help another. Liberate Your Life Essence isn’t just a cool tagline for my clients, but something I practice myself in my everyday life. I practice what I preach and want nothing more than to see us all thrive and flourish in accordance with our highest potential for the benefit of all.

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way.

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   Mission and Vision

       Missionto educate and empower a new paradigm of health and vitality that prioritizes the liberation           of the miraculous life essence that already exists within each and every one of us.

       Vision: To liberate the life essence of all, activating our natural state of divinity, wellness,                                  and cooperation for the benefit to all.



What should I expect?

You should expect quality personalized care and attention that is specific and unique to you. I live and work here in Arvada and want to see our community and its members thrive and grow. So I am personally invested in your health and well being because if you are healthy you are more likely to succeed. If you succeed then I succeed and I call that a win-win-win. A win for you and a win for me is a win for our community at large, win-win-win. I like to take my time with my clients and get to know them. My goal is to get you healthy, teach you how to be more healthy from an empowered place, and then keep you healthy with regular compassionate care.


What are your COVID-19 practices?

I wash my hands before and after each client. All surfaces and tables are disinfected after every client. I will be wearing a mask. My goal is to provide you with the best experience while keeping you and myself safe. 

How can I pay?

We accept cash, checks, and most major credit cards. There are also options to pay for all services online through our website.

What techniques do you use?

I don’t use one specific technique, but do my best to find the technique that best suits you and your preferences. Some people like a firm adjustment and others a subtle one, I am happy to do either because having you relaxed during the adjustment accelerates the healing process. If something feels uncomfortable or unsafe, it will not be done. Your comfort is my top priority. I’d like you to simply relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle of life.

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